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‘Verge #2:’ Comic Book Review (Back with a Vengeance)

Like a creature in a B-movie sequel, the indie anthology comic, Verge, has returned, and it has . . . evolved! Published by Identity Comics, Verge #2 has been revamped, including making the jump from back and white to vivid color, and, as a result, delivers a second issue that is even stronger than the first.


As mentioned, Verge is an anthology comic, in the tradition of comic books like Dark Horse Presents, and the second issue features two separate stories. While the bizarre sci-fi story, “Girl Made of Ice,” and the darkly humorous vigilante tale, “The Sheet,” have been “cut from the team” for now, this move allows Verge #2 and the readers to give more focus to the great stories that remain:

– “Concrete Shoes” – The future-noir tale about a concrete monster with noble intentions continues in “Bad Brains,” where writer and Verge creator Lars Canty introduces a few nasty, oddball villains who bring a real RoboCop vibe to the book. Artist Sebastian Kadlecik (whom FBC fans may know from his brilliant creation, Penguins vs. Possums) delivers again in this issue, adding an “extreme” ’90s comic edge to his style that is both exciting and fun.

– “El Fantasmo” – Canty’s story of a hero in the Colombian jungles who wears a lucha libre mask and possess a mysterious ability that makes all jungle critters, large and small, his allies in battle is another welcome continuation in Issue #2. El Fantasmo takes on some merciless thugs preying on the weak this time around, and artist David Flores’ (the fantastic talent behind Dead Future King) dazzling colors seem to literally pop off the page. “El Fantasmo” is an excellent contrast to “Concrete Shoes,” and it maintains the fun and excitement of the previous story, while bringing its own style and tone.

FINAL VERDICT: If you’re a fan of indie comics, Verge #2 will be a solid purchase for you. The book still has that Kevin Eastman/TMNT self-published feel to it that makes indie books so great, and the creative talent involved in Verge #2 are all excellent and talented individuals who have established presences in the indie scene. In addition, going full color was a bold move that payed off, and I’d be falling short if I didn’t mention the eye-catching covers provided by artist Michael Leone.

Verge #1 is available for sale on Amazon. (Multiple covers are available, so check out those versions, as well) You can find out more about Verge and Identity Comics on Facebook, Twitter, or by visiting the official website at

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That’s all for now, comic book sniffers! Keep supporting indie comics like a BOSS!

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