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‘WarZone Girls Volume 1, Issue 4: The Past Is Never Silent’ – Comic Book Review

The release of WarZone Girls Volume 1, Issue 4: The Past Is Never Silent may be the last of the the WarZone Girls saga (for now), but Issue 4 shows the direction writer Thomas Nyman planned to take S-Squad with an issue focused on cybernetics, nano-technology, and S-Squad member Widow’s complicated and violent past.


WarZone Girls Volume 1, Issue 4: The Past Is Never Silent continues Nyman’s path of slowly revealing the origins of the members of S-Squad, with this issue centered around Widow, a cybernetic “hybrid” known for skills in “ . . . planting damaging viruses that could crush entire economic structures.” We also learn of Widow’s previous relationship with Hawk and why he’s slightly bitter about his reunion with his former co-worker.

If readers have enjoyed the previous issues of WarZone Girls, this latest issue will make an enjoyable read. Nyman’s G.I. Joe-like flair and camp is still present in the writing and action of the book, and it’s always nice to see a series continue to expand its own mythology. The art team of Marat Mychaels (pencils), Jacob Bear (finishes), and Anthony George (colors) returns and keeps the visuals bright, eye catching, and exciting.  I will say that the relationship between Widow and Hawk was a little fractured in its arc, seeming to go from Hawk making crass come-ons to Widow, to bitter resentment between the two former spies when Hawk is left behind on their last mission, to apologies and snuggles. I was a little unclear as to whether something romantic was brewing between the two characters, but that kind of murkiness isn’t always a bad thing depending how it plays out. Also, am I just seeing Marvel everywhere these days [(Black) Widow & Hawk(eye)], or is Nyman a fan?

While WarZone Girls Volume 1, Issue 4: The Past Is Never Silent does leave us on a major cliffhanger, I’ve been told this is the last issue of the series, at least for the time being. If you were are a WarZone Girls fan, be sure to stop by and let them know your thoughts and if you’d like to see the series to continue.

FINAL VERDICT: If you enjoyed the first three issues of the series, definitely check out WarZone Girls Volume 1, Issue 4: The Past Is Never Silent. That said, if you haven’t had the chance to read the first three issues, I recommend starting there instead of jumping in on Issue #4. Either way, you really have no excuse, given that all of the issues are available to read for free at the official WarZone Girls website.

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