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‘Worth:’ Graphic Novel Review (Beam Me Up, Master of Machines!)

Geeks everywhere learned long ago to pay attention when the legendary Rodenberry name is attached to a new project, and this rule rings true once again when it comes to Worth, the new graphic novel from the Star Trek creator’s Roddenberry Entertainment! Writer Aubrey Sitterson and artist Chris Moreno offer readers a different take on the superhero genre that proves not only an excellent read, but one that reflects our world of constantly advancing technology and polarized beliefs.

In Worth, Sitterson and Moreno offer readers an emotional and relevant story dealing with an aging superhero named Grant Worth who was once known as a “Master of Machines.” Graced with the ability to communicate with machines, Sitterson and Moreno use well-placed and revealing flashbacks to show how Grant went from a popular superhero defending the city of Detroit to just another bitter old man living out his days in the Motor City. Sitterson’s script is great, filled with action, drama, and humor. Grant Worth’s ability to communicate with machines (but not computers) is examined by the writer in clever ways (like the depiction of Grant giving pep talks to his old, struggling fridge) that are sure to impress and surprise most readers.

Moreno’s art is a fantastic choice for Worth. With a style that reflects the clean, fun feel of an animated film, Moreno is perfect for the sequential art form, using his mastery of human body language and facial expressions to enhance every moment of Sitterson’s script. Moreno has been featured on a number of books, including BOOM! Studios’ Toy Story comic, and I can guarantee he won’t be hurting for work after his stellar job on Worth!

FINAL VERDICT: Definitely worth a read! It you’re a fan of unconventional superhero tales, like Seth Green and Hugh Sterbakov’s Freshmen series, this one is sure to be an enjoyable read. Great writing, strong characters, and beautiful art make Roddenberry Entertainment’s Worth an easy choice to add to one’s shopping cart. (Try talking to the cash register, Worth-style . . . maybe you can get a discount!)

Worth is published by Arcana and is currently available on ComiXology and in print form. Find out more about Worth, its creators, and read a free preview of the book by visiting the official website at

That’s all for now, comic book sniffers! Don’t forget to give pep talks to your kitchen appliances. Trust me, they need it.

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