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‘The Mercenary Sea #2:’ Advance Comic Book Review (Rough Waters Ahead . . . )

Image Comics’ new high-adventure series, The Mercenary Sea, returns with a second issue just as strong (if not stronger) than the first. Writer Kel Symons and artist Mathew Reynolds continue to put out a bold, highly stylized tale that delivers on all of the pulpy promise of Reynolds’ brilliant cover art. The Mercenary Sea is easily one of the most unique and exciting books on the rack, and, fortunately for the readers, it doesn’t look like life is going to be getting easier for Symons‘ ragtag U-boat crew anytime soon.


The Mercenary Sea continues to amaze me, especially with the amazing “classic action serial” atmosphere and tone that radiate off its pages. It feels like that first mysterious, intriguing, and thrilling scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark (featuring Indy’s iconic “hero” shot as he steps from the shadows after demonstrating the power of his whip) stretched out into an entire story. I’ve never read a comic that feels more cinematic than The Mercenary Sea, and yet, the sequential art form seems to suit it in a way no other medium could.

Issue #2 continues the tale of Jack Harper and his crew as they try to make a living and keep their lives in the turbulent South Seas of 1938. This issue is a little more action packed than the last, as Harper’s crew show they aren’t afraid to pull the trigger to get the job done. Symons also continues to round out and develop the relationships of the crew, including the suggested romantic feelings between Jack and Samantha in a scene that will have a very “Han and Leia” vibe for Star Wars fans.

Mathew Reynolds’ work on The Mercenary Sea #2 is even better than in issue one. Reynolds has several breathtaking, full-page art pieces in this issue, demonstrating the full potential of his talent. The colors are dazzling, and Reynolds’ style is a major force in defining the alluring and engaging style of the series. There are now many comic books I would recommend buying for the art alone, but The Mercenary Sea is one series where the visuals are well worth the price of admission.

FINAL VERDICT: Why haven’t you added The Mercenary Sea to your pull list yet?  Hurry up and do so now! There’s still time! The first issue is just about to hit the racks, and you definitely want to board this boat before it departs!

For more info on The Mercenary Sea, visit the official Image Comics website. The first issue drops in stores on February 12th, 2014.

That’s all for now, comic book sniffers! Keep an eye out for sharks in the choppy waters ahead . . .

’Till the end of the world,
Bryant the Comic Book Slayer

Bryant Dillon, Fanbase Press President


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