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‘WarZone Girls Volume 1, Issue 3: Take Aim & Seize the Moment’ – Comic Book Review

The third time’s a charm when it comes to WarZone Girls Volume 1, Issue 3: Take Aim & Seize the Moment, as writer Thomas Nyman assembles the S-Squad for their best story yet. It’s clear with this latest issue that Nyman and the rest of his creative team have found their stride and a clear and strong direction for the WarZone Girls series.


WarZone Girls Volume 1, Issue 3: Take Aim & Seize the Moment focuses on the sniper of S-Squad, Maria Alcomerez, her Hit Girl-like upbringing, and the tragic fate of her father. Giving us insights into Maria’s past, Nyman gives us a revenge tale full of joyful, Schwarzenegger-like camp and high-octane action sequences.

Let me just start by saying that Take Aim & Seize the Moment is easily the best issue of the series so far. Nyman and artist Marat Mychaels both clearly have reached a level where they have claimed this story and these characters as their own, and they are ready to play, dammit! Nyman is finding a nice balance with his all-female G.I. Joe crew’s action-packed missions and his quippy style of humor. Unlike the classic ’80s G.I. Joe cartoon, Nyman allows the WarZone Girls to have fatal encounters with their enemies and debate the use of lethal tactics. Nyman also leaves the issue with an intriguing cliffhanger, and I’m excited to see the WarZone Girls mythology expand in this direction.

The art department brings it like a boss this issue, as well. Along with an awesome cover featuring Maria (channeling some serious Sarah Conner vibes), Mychaels’ sequentials, especially the combat scenes, are better than ever and full of energy.

FINAL VERDICT: WarZone Girls Volume 1, Issue 3: Take Aim & Seize the Moment is definitely worth a read, especially given that it’s available to read for free HERE at the official WarZone Girls website, as well as on the Kindle for only 99 cents! If you dig sci-fi action flicks like Universal Soldier or Mad Max, then WarZone Girls should be right up your alley.

In addition to being able to read the entire first three issues of WarZone Girls for free, the official website offers a ton of extra content and bonuses, including WarZone Secure, a service that seems to be designed to provide a “no-cheating” online competitive matchmaking environment for many popular first-person shooter video games, like Call of Duty.

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