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A Review of ‘Tales of the Night Watchman: Volume 1 #2’ and ‘Tales of the Night Watchman Presents: The Night Collector’ (New Hires and Nude Vampires)

While many indie comics (especially brand spankin’ new superhero comics) don’t make it past the first issue, it’s hard to keep a dead man down. With the release of two new, exciting books featuring their original superhero, The Night Watchman, creators Dave Kelly and Lara Antal continue to secure a place for their shadowy defender of justice among the other capes and masks that fill the comic book world.


First up is issue two of Tales of the Night Watchman: Volume 1. Written by Kelly and illustrated by Antal, this issue continues the story that began in Tales of the Night Watchman: Volume 1 #1 (See my review here.). Kelly writes a great issue that is funny, exciting, and further develops both the Night Watchman and the non-super powered (or possessed) characters like Nora. Some of the time jumps in the book are confusing and potentially unnecessary, but Kelly still manages to weave a compelling second issue (and he throws in a creepy, evil child . . . always a plus!). Antal also raises the bar in the art department, building on her strengths in depicting believable facial expression, body language, and the supernatural.

Next up is the one-shot Tales of the Night Watchman Presents: The Night Collector. In The Night Collector, writer Dave Kelly pairs The Night Watchman against a pack of (mostly) naked vampires. In all honesty, The Night Collector is fantastic, and I guarantee that any horror comic fan will dig it! Sure, vampires are everywhere these days, but this story doesn’t feature any sparkling or brooding bloodsuckers, but rather has that classic horror feel of a Mike Mignola Hellboy comic. Molly Ostertag is the artist on this book, and she does a phenomenal job. Combined with Kelly’s tale, Ostertag’s art creates a story that is, at times, touching, terrifying, erotic, and complex. Kelly also has the insight and trust to allow Ostertag’s captivating artwork to take center stage in several scenes with no text at all, and they work brilliantly! The ending of the book is a little abrupt (I could have used one final splash page image of the vamps to give the moment a bit of closure.), but, all-in-all, I hope that we see more Night Watchman comics like The Night Collector, because these seem like a perfect example of how a typical Night Watchman comic should be.


Volume 1 #2: 3.5 Scary Demon Children out of 5

The Night Collector: 5 Naked Vampires out of 5

You can find out more about Tales of the Night Watchman: Volume 1 #2 and Tales of the Night Watchman Presents: The Night Collector, as well as purchase copies, at the official So What? Press website or on Facebook.

That’s all for now, comic book sniffers. Watch out for those naked vampires.

’Till the end of the world,
Bryant the Comic Book Slayer


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