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‘How I Spent My Summer Invasion #4’ Review (Stinkyface McGrossington Strikes Back)

How I Spent My Summer Invasion 4


How I Spent My Summer Invasion 4Tim and Russ are back again in the fourth issue of How I Spent My Summer Invasion, the intergalactic, all-ages comic series written by Patrick Rieger and featuring the art of Mark Sean Wilson, and their out-of-this-world jobs at La Galatique are more crazy and adventurous than ever!

How I Spent My Summer Invasion
#4 builds upon and expands the story that Rieger has been building over the past three issues, providing a story that is more “epic adventure” than any issue of the book so far. Rieger also formally introduces a nasty, new villain to challenge the boys in the form of Mr. Xilton, the extra-terrestrial (or Stinkyface McGrossington) owner of Xotel Xilton, a business rival of La Galatique. While there is plenty of action-packed excitement (and a nifty cliffhanger), Rieger still supplies tons of his trademark, gut-busting humor. All-in-all, Rieger and How I Spent My Summer Invasion seem to be hitting their stride and finding a perfect balance between these two integral elements.

Wilson doesn’t drop the ball in the art department when it comes to Issue #4 either. Wilson’s characters and illustrations are expressive, his colors are vibrant, and his aliens are varied, bizarre, and hilarious as usual! This issue also features a short, but fascinating, focus on Wilson and his creative process in regards to the art of How I Spent My Summer Invasion that you won’t want to miss!

You can find out more about How I Spent My Summer Invasion and WE Comics at the official website, as well as purchase a digital copy of How I Spent My Summer Invasion #4. (Only $1! Go and support independent comics! CLICK HERE!) Also, be sure to stop by the WE Comics Facebook page and follow them on Twitter, @WEComics.

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Thatʼs all for now, comic book sniffers! Until next time, watch out for those violent veggies!
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