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‘Gori Lori #1:’ Comic Book Review

Gori Lori 1

Gori Lori 1Apocalypses are never a good thing. If the post-apocalypses don’t bring on a plague of zombies or marauding cyber-gangs, you’re bound to deal with horrors of radioactive mutation . . . or even worse, high school, as is the case with Gori Lori – the first issue of a new indie comic by writer Nick Blodgett and the art team of Batton Lash and SS Crompton.

Gori Lori
#1 tells the story of a head strong, cleaver-wielding teenager trying to make it through the classic (or neo-classic) American high school experience in a post-nuke wasteland. Told with a bold and anarchy-charged style, this first issue finds Lori dealing with psychotic school bullies, smoking meta-herb in the uni-sex bathroom, unleashing her blood lust on the mutant rodent population, and taking on the Jimmy Buffet-loving Trops, even if she has to kick a– while topless!

Blodgett’s script may be a little too “B-movie” or raunchy for some (This ain’t no kiddie comic, so be prepared for extreme violence, nudity, harsh language, and other good stuff!), but if you’re a fan of grindhouse films or underground comix, Gori Lori should be right up your alley. Penciller Batton Lash and inker SS Crompton deliver in the art department, giving the book a visual style that can be described as Archie meets The Toxic Avenger.

All in all, Gori Lori #1 is a fun, care-free ride with a lot of in-your-face attitude and pages of vibrant, bloody, and sexy art. While there doesn’t seem to be a great deal of info on the web about Gori Lori or its creators, you can find an interview conducted by Blodgett with Crompton regarding “The dirt on dirty comics” that’s worth a read. You can also find more about Batton Lash’s work at the Exhibit A Press website.

That’s all for now, comic book sniffers. Keep an eye out for those hyper-violent Jimmy Buffet fans!

’Till the end of the world,
-Bryant the Comic Book Slayer





Bryant Dillon, Fanbase Press President


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