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ʻHow I Spent My Summer Invasion #3:’ Cows & Alien – Comic Book Review


How I Spent My Summer Invasion 3WE Comics continues to deliver on its promise to deliver “comics for everyone else” with the third issue of their popular all-ages series, How I Spent My Summer Invasion! Having established the tone and setting of the book, writer Patrick Rieger and artist Mark Sean Wilson are really able to shuck off the chains of necessity left over from establishing the bookʼs origin and stretch their creative wings, delivering the best issue of the series thus far!

How I Spent My Summer Invasion! #3 picks up where the last issue left off (in case you forgot what proceeded this issue, thereʼs a hilarious recap that involved lots of screaming). Chief Lennox has discovered the extra-terrestrial secret of the hotel and immediately calls for backup, but when zany antics with the mind-ray ensue, Lennox ends up switching bodies with a cow, Jetarl spends some time as an alien stomach, and the police pop in at the worst moment possible! Rieger provides his best script yet in the series, and you can tell the characters are really starting to stand on their own two feet.

The humor is spot on, the turn of events is exciting and surprising, he ends the book with a decent cliffhanger, and thereʼs a good amount of cow jokes. (You can never go wrong with cow jokes.) While Wilson doesnʼt spend as much time this issue inventing and drawing a countless number of bizarre and interesting aliens, he gets to spend far more time with the main cast. Wilsonʼs work is fun and exciting as usual, and his bright and expressive colors really make the pages pop.

Like the previous issue, How I Spent My Summer Invasion! #3 includes some great bonus content in the back of the book. Along with a “mind-ray” maze, this issue includes a column answering letters from the readers that is particularly entertaining.

You can find out more about How I Spent My Summer Invasion and WE Comics at the official website, as well as purchase a digital copy of How I Spent My Summer Invasion #2. (Only $1! Go and support independent comics! CLICK HERE!) Also, be sure to stop by the WE Comics Facebook page and follow them on Twitter, @WEComics.

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Thatʼs all for now, comic book sniffers! Until next time, your Mom’s a cow!
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