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‘Satanic Hell #3’ Review: Still Rockin’ in Texas!


Satanic Hell 3Satanic Hell is back with a third issue, and if you’ve enjoyed writer Grigoris Douros’ tale of a death metal band trapped in a Texas town full of a massive coalition of right-wing, uber-extremists, then this issue will not disappoint. Along with Douros, the creative team of Kevin Enhart (art), Newel Anderson (additional art), Jimmy Kerast (colors), and E.T. Dollman (lettering) pooled their impressive talents to deliver a solid chapter depicting the next chapter in this twisted, “Footloose meets death metal” tale.


With Satanic Hell #3, the creative team seems to have really found the “beat” of their story and are rockin’ it hardcore this round. While previous issues had their specific positive elements, the third issue of Satanic Hell is working like a well-oiled machine, delivering in all departments. Douros’ script is tight and builds upon the story and characters he’s crafted so far, Enhart and Newel’s art is confident and in sync with the story, and Dollman’s lettering skills give the book a smooth, professional feel. Once again, the standouts for me were the awesome skills of colorist Kerast who brought the book to life with his vibrant colors that seemed to raise the bar on every page. The variety and detail in Kerast’s work is impressive, and his colors set the tone of each scene is the sign of some true quality work.

Similar to the second issue, I have to give some major points to Satanic Hell #3 for continuing the book’s trend of featuring excellent bonus material. This issue features a look at a propaganda pamphlet from The Texas Council of Churches covering the threat to your children that is the band Satanic Hell, emissaries of evil. The piece is really clever, containing stories of teens “led astray” by the band and a tip sheet outlining what concerned church-goers can do to help squelch the spread of this “dangerous and evil” presence in Texas. The issue also features a Satanic Hell poster for their show at the Hellfire Club and an awesomely authentic-looking mesh of doodles and lyrics written by one of the band members on a bar napkin. I know I mentioned this in my last review, but I really think the creators excel at this bonus content, and I hope they continue to include more and more bits like these ones.

The bottom line is, if you’ve been reading Satanic Hell, issue three is not one to miss and may even be the best issue so far. Douros gives a real sense of building towards a grand climax, and the efforts of the creative team only hint at things getting better from here!

You can find out more about Satanic Hell and the creative team at the official website or the Satanic Hell Facebook page.

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That’s all for now, comic book sniffers! Until next time, keep reading those demonic and evil books of witchcraft! (I believe you call them Harry Potter books.)

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