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A Cosplay Valentine’s Day

vdaycosplay 498Valentine’s Day is upon us, and, as fellow geeks prepare for a weekend of romance, I feel it is my duty to provide them with some suitably dirty and nerdy cosplay options.  Given that we in the geek crowd seem to be eager to dress up as our favorite stormtrooper or hobbit at the drop of Jayne’s hat, I see no reason why we shouldn’t be employing this passion to our…. well, passions!  Not only are geeks experts at crafting detailed and high-caliber costumes, but they’re also more likely to be open to the idea of dressing up as Harry and Hermione before rolling in the chamber of secrets.  More than one average Joe or Joette has gone running the other way when confronted with a costumed lover, but if your sex muffin has been to SDCC, then I’m sure that they’ll take one glance at your smooth threads and say with a loving voice, “I always thought Pika Chu was kind of dashing.”  Below, you’ll find my top geeky Valentine’s day cosplay suggestions for both genders.  If you’ve got a comic-sniffer in your life who deserves a little love this Valentine’s Day, take a hint from the Cylons and “have a plan.”  These should help:

Cosplay For Guys

Spike: While there are a number of vampires out there these days that make geek girls weak in the knees, William the Bloody trounces them all.  Spike has always been a character that oozed attractiveness and wears the bad-boy-gone-good mantle with finesse.  Not only is it a fairly easy get up (aside from bleaching your noggin), if you can master this vamp’s snarky British dialect, you’ll be sure to bring the house down on any sexy vampire slayers.

The Dread Pirate Roberts
: Pirates have been quite the thing lately, and I’m sure your partner might be expecting a swashbuckler with a little more eyeliner, but skip the predictable and go with The Dread Pirate Roberts… or Wesley, if you know him well.  Not only will this choice get you brownie points for touching on a cherished childhood film, but Wesley is heroic, charming, and romantic without blackened teeth or ratty dreads.

The 10th Doctor Who: I’m a bad geek and still have yet to venture into the world of Dr. Who, but I do know that geek girls seem to worship the guy.  He’s also British, so there’s another chance to use that dialect to woo her.  And, he’s got some kind of sonic screw driver, which I’m sure you can think up a fun use for!  So, grab some hair product and have at it!

Cosplay For Girls

: She’s been the first crush of quite a few fanboys and she wears formfitting outfits.  If your lover finds you in this outfit lapping at a saucer of milk, you had better be ready for a marriage proposal!

Hermione Granger
: Despite the initial creepiness of this choice, we’ve only got one Potter film left, and Ms. Granger has grown up quite a bit.  Plus, the schoolgirl outfit has been a staple of the “sexy costume” line since time began, so adding a wand and a Gryffindor symbol to the mix is akin to tricking out your Landspeeder with some super-tight power converters!

Faith Lehane
: While the predictable choice would be to go with the blonde Slayer, a keen fangirl will know how to keep things five by five.  Faith wears heavy eye makeup and leather pants, and she plays with knives.  She’s also known for her lack of undergarments.  All these things add up to making you partner an easy slay!

Cosplay For Couples

Han Solo & Princess Leia (Slave Dancer version, of course!)
: Simply a classic! She’s a princess; he’s a scoundrel.  Find an empty starfighter and make it an XXX-Wing!

The Joker & Harley Quinn
: Not only are both costumes awesome and sexy, but there’s nothing like being bad AND crazy with the one you love!  Don’t be “so serious;” unleash your inner freak and start smearing that makeup… more than it already is.

Caprica Seven & Gaius Baltar: Nothing like having a super randy, super hot, slinky, red dress wearing blonde muse who only you can see.  Well, except having the universe’s most intelligent (some would say most attractive also!) human wrapped around your little finger.  Bonus points for couples who do the nasty in public but attempt to keep up the “invisible Caprica Seven” charade.

Bryant Dillon, Fanbase Press President


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