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‘The Great Showdowns:’ Book Review


The Greatest ShowdownsGandalf vs. The Balrog. Neo vs. Agent Smith. Ripley (in her Power Loader) vs. The Queen Alien. If you are even a casual geek or the occasional nibbler of the pop culture pudding, then you’re familiar with these famous face-offs. These titans of Geekdom and more can be in the fantastic new release from Titan Books, The Great Showdowns, by Scott Campbell.

A few weeks back, I had the pleasure of reviewing another geeky masterpiece from Titan Books, Silhouettes from Popular Culture, by Olly Moss. In that review, I described Moss’ book as “the kind of coffee table book you’d find in Joss Whedon’s living room.” Well, Scott Campbell’s The Great Showdowns would be in the same stack. Featuring the best pieces from Campbell’s popular website and gallery shows, this full-color, hardcover book features dozens of classic and obscure film showdowns charmingly painted in water colors. Many are easily recognizable (The Terminator vs. The T-1000, Rocky Balboa vs. Apollo Creed, Tony Montana vs. a mountain of coke) while others are The Greatest Showdowns Jawsmore obscure (Clarence vs. Drexel, Ben Richards vs. Dynamo, Tim Murphy vs. an electric fence), but whether you can recognize every single showdown or not, flipping through this book is ridiculously addictive! In addition to the massive geek appeal of the showdowns themselves, The Great Showdowns also features a glowing foreword by Neil Patrick Harris (NPH to the initiated), complete with an original Scott C. showdown between NPH and NPH on a unicorn!

Campbell’s The Great Showdowns is a must-have addition to any geek haven and the perfect holiday gift for the fanboy or fangirl in your life! You can find out more about The Great Showdowns at the official Titan Books website, and the book is available for purchase on Amazon. Also, be sure to stop by the official website, Great Showdowns by Scott C., for a peek at some more of Campbell’s phenomenal art work.




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