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The Kickstarter Report: ‘Doc of the Dead’

Doc of the DeadFanboy Comics is putting out a call to every zombie lover, zombie slayer, zombie apocalypse prepper, and even to the walking (and running) dead, themselves.  We have another extremely worthy and awesome Kickstarter campaign that deserves your help!

Doc of the Dead is the definitive zombie culture documentary coming from the makers of the fantastic nerd-doc, The People vs. George Lucas. After metaphorically taking on the Grand Poobah of geeks lightsaber-to-lightsaber, why take on zombies for their next doc and why now? Here’s what they had to say:

Without a doubt, Zombie Culture has now reached a tipping point. It has literally clawed itself into our braaaaains (!), successfully infiltrated mainstream consciousness, and asserted itself as one of the most important, wildly entertaining, and participatory pop cultural trends of the new century. As a direct result of this unprecedented social explosion, the Zombie Apocalypse seems to be on everybody’s lips these days. Should we categorize it as fiction, dismiss it as far-fetched paranoia, or speculate about it as a plausible scenario? We, at Exhibit A Pictures, believe there’s never been a better time to release an epic, comprehensive, and contemporary cinematic celebration of Zombie Culture.

Doc of the Dead has a number of friends of FBC on its team, including director Alexandre O. Philippe and producer Jonathan London of (Check out our interview with both Alexandre and Jonathan at SDCC 2012.) Also, be sure to check out the trailer for Doc of the Dead, featuring Simon Pegg, below:





Doc of the Dead Simon PeggIn addition to the uber-geek awesomeness of being part of zombie history, there are a number of zombie-riffic incentives being offered by the Doc of the Dead Kickstarter campaign including the following:

 – Complete your zombie Blu-Ray film collection! For only $40, you can secure yourself a Doc of the Dead Blu-Ray Special Collector’s Edition with hours of bonus features!

 – Are you a big RedLetterMedia fan? For only $50, receive a DVD copy of RedLetterMedia’s Feeding Frenzy, signed by Mr. Plinkett himself!

 – Always wanted to be a zombie AND a movie star? A $300 donation gets you a part in the zombie horde in the climactic RedLetterMedia scene with Mr. Plinkett being shot for the film (travel not included)!

– Big pimpin’? A $10,000 donation gives you an Executive Producer credit on the film!

Be sure to visit the Kickstarter page for Doc of the Dead to learn more. You can also find Doc of the Dead on Facebook. The campaign closes on Friday, November 23rd, so be sure to donate soon!




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