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‘How I Spent My Summer Invasion #2:’ Comic Book Review


Summer Invasion 2WE Comics, defender and publisher of “comics for everyone else,” is back at it again, delivering a worthy follow-up issue to their kid-friendly, flagship book, How I Spent My Summer Invasion! Writer Patrick Rieger and artist Mark Wilson continue the adventures of buddies Russ and Tim and their employment at a resort for intergalactic travelers with an engaging and exciting story that matches the tone of the first issue while expanding the story and further developing the possibilities for future issues of How I Spent My Summer Invasion.

How I Spent My Summer Invasion #2 pits Russ, Tim, and their alien compadres against a dedicated and passionate adversary: Elly Russell, a “self-appointed patrol agent for all life forms visiting our planet without a permit!” Armed with the tenacity of alien-hunter Agent Fox Mulder, Elly is determined to discover the extraterrestrials residing at the resort at which Russ and Tim are employed. With Elly’s memory-erasing mind-ray on the fritz, only the boys’ quick thinking can prevent certain disaster! Rieger has a blast with the classic, revolving door, “hide the bacon” comedy situation, and the humor in the book is even better than the first issue. (Polka-dot cows make an appearance!) Wilson, once again, delivers an exciting and elaborate assortment of aliens, and the issue ends on a cliffhanger that is sure to change the world of How I Spent My Summer Invasion forever! I also think that the idea to add bonus content at the back of the book, like a word search and a short strip of Russ and Tim reading WE Comics’ Jimmy Brass: 2nd Grade Detective, is a fantastic move for a series so focused on appealing to a younger audience.

I have very little that is negative to say about How I Spent My Summer Invasion #2. My only real complaint is that the word balloon placement was, at times, confusing with regards to which bit of dialogue to read next. This is a minor complaint though, and kids are sure to power through any slight bit of confusion they may encounter, spurred on by Rieger’s hilarious story and Wilson’s enjoyable illustrations.

You can find out more about How I Spent My Summer Invasion and WE Comics at the official website, as well as purchase a digital copy of How I Spent My Summer Invasion #2. (Only $1! Go support independent comics! CLICK HERE!) Also, be sure to stop by the WE Comics Facebook page and follow them on Twitter, @WEComics.

That’s all for now, comic book sniffers! Keep reading!

‘Till the end of the world,
-Bryant the Comic Book Slayer



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