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‘Silhouettes from Popular Culture:’ Book Review

Silhouettes from Popular CultureIt can be a difficult task, at times, to fly your geek flag and still be considered a member of the “legitimate grownup” world. From neon-colored and badly photoshopped Star Wars posters to gawdy and cheap-looking comic book statues, much of the merchandise and “art” in Geekdom is meant to appeal to the youngest among us and comes with an unnecessary, yet expected, amount of tackiness (free of charge). If you’re anything like me, despite your love for comic shops, you strongly resist the idea of your living space resembling these bastions of geekery where action figures (still in the box, of course) are packed floor to ceiling and furniture is built out of strategically organized long boxes. I don’t mind wearing my fanboy badge on my sleeve, in fact I take major pride in it, but one eventually reaches the age when they think to themselves, “Would Han Solo hang this on his wall?” Well, fortunately for all of us, acclaimed artist Olly Moss has now joined the ranks of geek-chic heroes Adam Levermore and QMx with his new book, Silhouettes from Popular Culture. Much like Levermore’s stylish art prints and QMx’s “discreet geek” t-shirt designs, Moss’ Silhouettes from Popular Culture is a smart, classy, and sophisticated edition to any geek’s Bat Cave without losing an ounce of the pure, unadulterated fun that makes being a fanboy so frakking cool!

English artist Olly Moss has established himself in Geekdom as a Jedi Master of the art world with his simplistic re-imaginings of popular sci-fi, horror, and comic book movie posters, video game art, and his regular presence in Empire magazine. Inspired by Moss’ acclaimed ‘Paper Cuts’ series exhibited at the sold-out solo show at LA’s famous pop-culture Gallery 1988, Silhouettes from Popular Culture is the kind of coffee table book you’d find in Joss Whedon’s living room. Full of beautiful, victorian silhouettes of popular culture heroes like Special Agents Mulder and Scully, The Terminator, and Buzz Lightyear. Flipping through this book is a ridiculously fun experience for even the casual geek, but it will also satisfy The Simpsons’ Comic Book Guy in all of us with Moss’ lesser-known inclusions like Admiral Ackbar, Saul Tigh, and O-Ren Ishii. Honestly, I could go on and on about how strong the Force is with this book, but in order to truly understand the kung-fu in between its pages, you need to see it. Hence, I was implored to create this short video of a few of my favorite pieces featured in Silhouettes from Popular Culture. Enjoy, my geek brethren.






As you can see from the video, Moss’ Silhouettes from Popular Culture is a must-have for any fashionable fanboy (or fangirl)! You can find out more about Silhouettes from Popular Culture at the official Titan Books website, and the book is available for purchase on Also, be sure to stop by the official website of Olly Moss for a further look at his amazing artwork.




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