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The Kickstarter Report: ‘The Paranormals #3’


The ParanormalsFanboy Comics is here with another Kickstarter campaign worth a look! The Paranormals creator A. Diallo Jackson is looking for your help in producing a double-sized, 64-page issue of the third book in The Paranormals, which will conclude the first chapter of his story. The Paranormals is about one girl caught in the middle of the Real World and the Paranormal World, whose fate will determine which side will ultimately win. Is she the reincarnation of Christ or is she the Anti-Christ?  Find out as she comes to realize her true destiny: to save the world, even if it means saving it from herself!

The Paranormals #1 was a Kickstarter success, and since then the book has regularly ranked in the top 100 in the graphic novel section of iTunes’ iBookstore, having been downloaded over 1600 times. If funded successfully, a large portion of the money will be put towards the print run of The Paranormals #3, which will hopefully find its way into shops, bookstores, and other distribution channels. Every backer who donates $25.00 or more will receive a 64-page, ad-free graphic novel featuring the impressive work of artist Russell Fox. In addition, there are a ton of other incentives offered, like original drawings, the appearance of the backer as character in the book, and more!

Be sure to visit The Paranormals #3 Kickstarter page for a sneak peek at the comic’s art and to watch a video preview.  The campaign closes on Thursday, Septemeber 6th, so be sure to donate soon!



Bryant Dillon, Fanbase Press President


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