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A Buffy-Naysayer Converted & How To Get Your Hands On Some Faith!

buffynaysay 155Hey Fanboys & Fangirls,


Here is a quick look back at one of my favorite blogs from the past. For those of you who haven’t already had it beaten into their skulls, I have a pretty heavy and unapologetic Buffy addiction.  Over the years, many individuals have voiced their dissent against all things Buffy, which makes what happened even better.  Happy reading, Scoobies!


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Over the weekend I experienced a joy so sweet, I doubt I shall ever experience something this gratifying again! I won’t go into too much detail, but a very cynical and geeky friend from my past used to mock me non-stop about my Buffy obsession with the vicious wit of a Jason Lee character from a Kevin Smith flick. He never watched the show, but read tons of comics and, like many fools before him, thought he knew all there was to know from the title of the show. Much later, after not hearing from him for a few years, I randomly received this in my inbox the other day:


Dearest Bryant,

How could I have known?

This is my official apology letter.

One night, about a year ago, I was looking for a TV show to Netflix. I had, as we always do, just re-watched Firefly and was in love with Joss. On top of that, I was loving the now canceled Dollhouse. So, I decided I would give Buffy a try, knowing that I would only watch about 4 episodes…

I was so wrong. How could I have known. I enjoyed the 1st season, and then s#$% got real. From then on I was hooked and in love with that show. Spike? Best character ever. Constant reference of Xander being “in the military?” Amazing. Riley – total tool bag. The [expletive] silent episode was amazing. “The Body?” Most [expletive] episode ever. I hate Dawn but I would do her. Evil Willow – so hot. What a great [expletive] show. AND ANYA!! MY FAVORITE CHARACTER!!!!!!!!

I was obsessed and loved watching it and waited with baited breath for new discs to arrive. Such an arc. Such great storytelling.

I have just finished Season 7. And now, I apologize.

I constantly mocked and made fun of you for being a Buffy fan. For this, I am sorry. I did not know. How could I?

I, however, will not take back calling you a [expletive]. You truly are a [expletive], Bryant Dillon. But that is for a different time.

Just know now, that I loved Buffy and I am sorry for not taking your word. The pain. How could I have known? HOW?

Best wishes and yours truly,

[ Witheld ]

PS- I can’t [expletive] believe Dollhouse got canceled. WHY WOULD HE EVEN GET IN BED WITH FOX AGAIN?! [expletive] [expletive].

PPS- [ Your Girlfriend ] and I TOTALLY had sex in your bed one time. I am not sorry for that. Deal with it, [expletive]!!! Don’t hate the playa, HATE DA GAAAAAAAAAAAAME!!!



That’s right, folks!!! I have an actual Buffy apology letter from a Buffy convert!!! This is priceless!!! And I don’t care how often I have to whore out my girlfriend (now wife) for Buffy!!! It was totally worth it!!!

There’s more I could say, mainly how Buffy kicks the s@#% out of both Twilight and True Blood, but I’ll save that for another entry.

How about this though? At FBC, we’re trying to encourage readers to give us their thoughts, so, in that effort, anyone who comments below and leaves us a mailing address will get something sent to them!!! I’m not promising what, but I will promise that something will arrive at your home with your name on it! Go on, take a risk!!!

Also, one person will be randomly chosen to receive the “Faith Wanted” print. Comment on FBC, maybe get a little Eliza Dushku….just saying…

Keep sniffing your comic books!!!

Bryant Dillon, Fanbase Press President


Favorite Comic BookPreacher by Garth Ennis and Steve DillonFavorite TV ShowBuffy the Vampire Slayer Favorite BookThe Beach by Alex Garland


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