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‘Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye #40’ – Comic Book Review

A lot has happened to the crew of the Lost Light lately.  The last ten issues or so have been a relentless, if humorous and often exciting, barrage of time travel, in-jokes, and continuity.  This issue offers a welcome breather, even if it probably is something of a calm before a storm, to allow the expansive cast an opportunity to deal not only with the fallout of recent events, but with some personal soul-searching, as well.

Though Ratchet takes center stage in this story as he struggles with his long-standing inability to connect, the rest of the cast is out in full force, showcasing the ensemble style that More Than Meets the Eye so often does so well.  While there’s a touch of plot development to do – cleanup from the Days of Deception arc – in order to keep things moving, this is a decidedly character-focused issue, and one that finds its way to a rather touching final note to boot.

With the story somewhat predicated on dealing with the aftermath of earlier issues, this story might not quite stand on its own well, but for current readers of the series, this is a pleasant, entertaining coda to a long, difficult few arcs, one that assures us that the characters that keep bringing us back to the Lost Light can find some happiness, and that somehow, at least some of the time, everything will be fine.

Brandon Perdue, Fanbase Press Contributor


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