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‘Myth #1:’ Advance Comic Book Review (and Charitable Opportunity)


Myth 1The charming, black-and-white Myth #1 combines fairy tale sensibilities with a protagonist whose worldview is informed by Silver Age comic heroes into a story that’s part fantasy, part superhero, and a charitable effort to boot.  Young Sam lives at an orphanage lorded over by Mrs. Morrison, every horrible headmistress or evil stepmother incarnate, and though Sam become a bit of an escape artist, Mrs. Morrison’s moblike goons bring him back each time he runs away.  That is, until he decides to run toward the forest – you know, the supposedly haunted one – where Morrison is happy to assume he’s met a horrible end.

Of course, Sam does not meet a horrible end, though not for lack of trying.  He instead befriends a heroic giant, who complements Sam well by being mute.  Mike Loniewski’s script gives Sam plenty to say with a gee-whiz characterization that survives despite the neglect and abuse he’s suffered under Mrs. Morrison.  He’s the sort of character who carries this kind of story well, allowing Loniewski to frame some rather dark problems in Sam’s four-color terms without belittling or hiding the real issue.  Myth’s shadowy world is given detail and life by Dan Lauer, whose thick lines don’t feel like they need any color to be effective.  The characters have a cartoon look about them, while the scenery feels a bit more detailed, if in a slightly twisted sort of way.  Little touches, like the ads on Sam’s comic books, themselves nods to classic ads from the ‘60s and before, cement Sam’s world and the parts of it he gets to experience, and it’s little wonder that he develops a heroic streak when given the chance.

This first chapter could make a fine standalone story, as it’s a little longer than your average comic book, but there are also hints of what is to come for Sam and his giant friend. 

Following its March 13th release, Myth #1 will be free on Comixology for two weeks.  After that, proceeds from the first issue will go to to help fight child abuse and neglect and set up safe homes and community centers for children in need.  You can support by purchasing Myth #1 or by going directly to their website to donate.




Brandon Perdue, Fanbase Press Contributor


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