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‘The Answer! #1:’ Advance Comic Book Review


The Answer 1The Answer! is an entertaining, self-aware, little romp through something kind of superheroic, I suppose, in that its title character runs around in a full-body costume and wears a funny mask with an exclamation point on it.  The Answer is efficient and doesn’t mind a body count, though sometimes more pressing matters interrupt his explosive interference in convenience store robberies and send him running off to deal with them.

The more pressing matter in this case is Devin Mackenzie, a librarian who freely admits she’s wasting her potential.  She’s the sort who knows all the answers to both the daily crossword and Jeopardy!, and thinks of “a Rubik’s cube’s sexy older brother” as a thoughtful gift.  She’s inadvertently provoked some dangerous people for some mysterious reason without even knowing it – but the Answer’s on the case, and he knows more than he’s telling.

This first issue is largely introducing the characters, though there’s some action that comes with that, and some little elements of the mystery behind Mackenzie’s puzzle ball and the cryptic “Apeiron,” which I spent some time trying to pronounce before I gave up.  Ape iron?  Ay-pie-ron?  I don’t know.  (It’s Greek, which makes it ah-pay-ron, though I’m not sure where the emphasis falls.  Anyway.)

The book is attractive and the writing flows and characterizes well.  Mackenzie is the issue’s self-deprecating but likeable narrator, and she knows no more about the Answer than we do – probably less.  The Answer himself feels low-rent as superheroes go, though it’s unclear whether or not there are others in his world to compare him to.  I find myself wanting to know where their story goes next.  The characters and the puzzles have grabbed me, and now I want the answers.



Brandon Perdue, Fanbase Press Contributor


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