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Mass Effect: Homeworlds #1 Advance Comic Book Review


Mass Effect Homeworlds 1Issue #1 of ME:H (terrible acronym by the way) tells the backstory of the new guy on the crew of the Normandy. If you haven’t played the Mass Effect games, then this won’t make much sense, so stop reading this and go play the games. After 120 hours or so, you should be able to follow along. This is the story of how James Vega joined the Alliance Military.

There are some really cool parts of this book. I loved seeing the world of Mass Effect get fleshed out a little more than it is in the games. This time, we spend our time in future San Diego. There is a cool chase and some great character stuff, but I never got any real sense of danger. Perhaps, that is because the entire action sequence happened in a flashback. Despite the apparently low stakes, there are some little touches that really impress. Also, there is a chase sequence that compares favorably to most sci-fi foot chases. Is that bit cobbled together from tropes and chase scenes in other books and movies? You bet your boots it is. Does it work? Yeah, these are well worn action scenarios for a reason.

As far as the art and story go, this is a pretty good book. Nothing too inspiring and everything worked pretty well. As an extra bit in a world that I have spent so much time in, this was a nice addition. I just realized that I have spent more time playing the Mass Effect games than I have spent watching every single episode of Lost. As someone who is clearly invested in the world, this was something I thoroughly enjoyed.

This is the biggest problem with this book. You have to have put in the time or it won’t do much for you. So, if you are a fan of the games, four steroidal space marines out of five.

If you haven’t played the games yet, three obscure references out of five.


Ben Rhodes, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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