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‘New MGMT #1:’ Advance Comic Book Review (Such Sweet Sorrow)

How do you end a comic series that is both pessimistic and hopeful? Like this. The final first issue of Mind New MGMT is a wonderful example of the right way to end a series. It fits within the world of the comic, wraps up the story [but not too tightly (I’m looking at you, Friends.)], and isn’t a stupid clip show *Cough*Seinfeld*Cough*. What it is, however, is somewhat light on plot and heavy on character resolution. By no means is this a negative. The penultimate issue took care of the major plot resolutions in a tremendously satisfying manner. The main thing left is to show the new direction for Meru and company.

The direction that Meru chooses looks like the best way to prevent the corruption and madness that infected all previous versions of the Management. The series has always been a compelling story of incredibly powerful people in a world where power always corrupts. Exploring the new organization allows Kindt to show how some of your favorite characters turned out, while acknowledging that they must always be wary of their own power. There is also some touching character work in this issue. Everyone seems to have settled down somewhat, and even Henry Lyme is starting to develop a healthy relationship with his emotions.

My job as a reviewer gets a little strange when covering the final issue of a series. On the one hand, yes, you should read this. On the other hand, there is literally no worse place to start reading this comic, so I will assume that you have been reading all along. Haven’t been reading the series? Why don’t you swing by your local comic book shop and pick up the first collection, Barb? You will be glad you did. I’m also not going to review the series as a whole. (It’s fantastic and you should read it.) The real question is how does this work as a finale?

<Very Minor Plot Spoilers Ahead>

This is one of the best I’ve ever seen. The two things I want to see from a great finale are an issue that works as a satisfying ending and makes sense in the context of the rest of the series. The first issue of New MGMT is a natural and almost inevitable (in hindsight) ending to the series. Meru, Lyme, Duncan, and Perrier all wind up in satisfying spots. Each of their journeys comes to the best possible conclusion, but it never feels too forced. These conclusions fit comfortably within the story so far and the way that the characters have been portrayed so far. The entire story has been working toward this conclusion for three years (!) and it is a good one.

<End of Spoilers>

I have been transparently a fanboy of Matt Kindt’s work on this series, and that isn’t going to change here. This is my favorite comic series, and I am sad to see it go; however, I am glad that it went out the way it started, as one of the most interesting and original comics that I have ever seen. Thanks, Mr. Kindt. It’s been fun.

Six Totally Satisfying Endings out of Five

It was purgatory, also it was Earth all along, and they wind up in jail for not helping some dude, and Ross runs through the airport like a cliché, and the mom dies right after she shows up, and now he’s a lumberjack for some reason.

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