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‘Mind MGMT #26:’ Advance Comic Book Review (The Last Request of the First Immortal)

Well, he’s done it again. Matt Kindt has surprised me in a comic where I always expect an unusual twist. In the last issue, Meru was sent on a mission to find the first immortal. In this issue, she breaks the rules in order to find him. Along the way, we learn a little more about the history of everyone’s favorite mind management agency. Sir Francis, the first immortal, looks like he might be a powerful ally for Meru, who is running out of allies at the moment. There is also a fun moment where a bit of the structure of the series takes on a totally different light.

Matt Kindt’s writing in this series has always been sharp. For a series that features mind control, memory alteration, and illusion (which makes it impossible to know if anything the characters are seeing is actually there), it is incredibly easy to keep up with the action. There is still a great deal of depth and subtlety that rewards a careful reread of individual issues, or as I plan to once it is finished, the whole series. The latest issue adds some great elements to the plot and motivations of the original Mind Management, while slightly changing the way I look at every issue that precedes it. As a bonus, it might just change the way you look at mushrooms.

The art is still exceptional. From the eerily solitary introduction of Sir Francis to Meru’s quest, the illustrations and coloring define the mood in some really cool and subtle ways. The character design is just phenomenal. Even when it isn’t showing off, the art adds a tremendous amount to this already great comic.

Two years in, Mind MGMT doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. The story is continuously building on itself and finding new and exciting ways to surprise. It is as unique as anything I’ve seen in comics. This issue manages to squeeze in a ton of exposition (smoothly, I might add), while Meru goes on a cool expedition. I was excited to see the first immortal, but I am more excited to see what happens next month.

Five Delicious Mushrooms out of Five

Ben Rhodes, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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