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Green Arrow #1 Review

green arrow 6c7The DC reboot is upon us, comic book sniffers! Welcome to the new DC universe! In an effort to help bring new readers into the world of comics, the Fanboy Comics staff has decided to review at least five new #1 issues each week of September, DC’s reboot launch month.


So, in celebration of DC’s relaunch, I thought I would read something I was interested in, but had never read, so I picked up Green Arrow #1.

It wasn’t very good.

I applaud the efficiency of the character introduction, but the story, action, and characters felt like they were pulled straight from a crappy animated TV show. There is Oliver Queen (AKA the Green Arrow), business mogul and mind behind the Q-pad and Q-phone; Science Guy, who designs his weapons; and, Computer Girl, who runs technical interference. This is the Good Team. The Bad Guys in this issue included Tough Guy, who is strong; Energy Guy, who has energy powers; and, the only interesting (but stupid) villain, Doppelganger, who has the power to split herself a little bit. Seriously, she had two faces and four arms, but one each of heads and torsos.

The plot was Bad Guys are over here and have been bad in the recent past, so let’s stop them.

I should also mention that the Green Arrow has an arrow that lets Computer Girl drive a boat remotely. Honestly, how often is that going to come up?

Something has been lost in this effort to make this character more appealing to younger audiences. Mostly, it is the feeling of the character. The original Green Arrow was the DCU version of Errol Flynn’s Robin Hood, while the new one is just action guy with a bow and arrow.

I think you might have guessed, but I won’t be picking up Green Arrow #2.

Ben Rhodes, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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