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‘The Star Wars #8:’ Advance Comic Book Review (A New Hope for the Galaxy)

One of the most imaginative and bizarre comic series out there is finally coming to a close. I have been a fan of Star Wars since before my long-term memory worked. I honestly don’t remember a time when I didn’t know that [redacted] was [redacted]’s dad. (Editor, you don’t have to censor that. Everyone knows that [redacted] was [redacted]’s dad.) (Editor, wait, how did you censor me?!?) Now, I never got into the Extended Universe, which has recently been removed from the canon, but I have read comics, played countless video games, and even saw the prequels. I can count on one finger the time that I was pleasantly surprised by a big plot point in any of these. So, it really means something when I say that I read this entire series with a grin on my face and my jaw on the floor.

Holy carbonite! I made it through an entire paragraph without telling you why this comic is so different. First, stop for a second and think about Star Wars. It really is one of the strangest universes, even though we all think it is perfectly normal. It’s a fantasy story in a sci-fi world and features an odd blend of spirituality, action, and weird aliens. This comic is based on George Lucas’ original rough draft for Star Wars, before he pared it down for practicality and sanity. The result is pure, unalloyed genius. This is the work of a man who was obsessed with telling a story and wound up building a world. I love it. I have spent many of my earlier reviews talking about the specific differences between this comic series and the original movies, but let me sum it up for you. You have no idea what to expect here.  I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to be surprised by Star Wars.

Mike Mayhew’s art brings this bizarro world to life, and Rain Beredo’s colors are spectacular. J. W. Rinzler’s script does a great job, as well, but it does feel a bit rushed at times. I think this series could have used another issue or two. And, I would have loved to read another issue or two.

So, my biggest complaint about this comic is that it is fast paced. Ultimately, the creative team did such a great job with this book that I am afraid I won’t ever stop grinning.

If you are looking for a fun, totally non-canonical Star Wars story that brings all the weirdness and action that you remember while also surprising you, this is absolutely the book for you. Also, there is a Wookiee armada, so you really have to check this one out. As everyone is fond of saying in this comic series, “May the force of others be with you.” I’m going to miss this series.

Five Wookiee Armadas out of Five

Ben Rhodes, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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