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‘Mind MGMT #20:’ Advance Comic Book Review (Welcome to the Freak Show)

Matt Kindt’s Mind MGMT has started digging down into some of the more unsavory aspects of running a top secret psychic spy agency. This issue shows the backstory of Big Jim, who looks like he is about eight feet tall. We get a glimpse of how he is recruited, trained, and modified by the Management. We also see his ultimate assignment to a circus and the strange little group of agents that drive the bulk of the story in this issue. We also get to see how bad things really look for Lyme, Duncan, Meru, and the rest of the team. (Spoiler: Super bad.)

Like every issue so far, this one plays with the comic form, but this one stretches things farther than I expected. I won’t get into any specifics, but you need to read this if you are a fan of meta-fiction or 4th wall breaking. Walls might not exactly get knocked down here, but they are looking pretty thin in some spots. This book would be easy enough to recommend just because of how clever it is, even if the story and art weren’t spectacular.

The story and art in this issue are both spectacular. I don’t know how Matt Kindt does it. He is writing a monthly book that is interesting and fun to read, while providing all the art, lettering it, and presumably printing it in his garage. This would be an accomplishment if the art and writing weren’t some of the best stuff coming out right now, but it just seems mean that the comic is this good. I could talk about how the art subtly reinforces themes and foreshadows unexpected danger or how the dialogue quietly exposes lies and treachery. Instead, I will just tell you that Mind MGMT is incredible, and this issue is a great example of what makes this book so special.

A minor character in the overarching story gets his moment to shine and play a part in the larger war. We also get an idea of how much trouble our “heroes” are in. This issue reminds me how good Mind MGMT really is.

Five Big Slim Jims out of Five

Ben Rhodes, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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