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‘The Star Wars #2:’ Advance Comic Book Review (Don’t Be a Vader Hater)

There is something special about a story where everything is familiar and nothing is predictable. This is why you should be reading The Star Wars. If you missed the first issue, it’s not too late. If you read it, then I expect you are going to be picking this one up no matter what I say. I will briefly sum up this weird experiment—George Lucas’ craziest and unedited ideas that eventually gave us Star Wars are contained in a spectacular comic book.

The second issue picks up where the first ended, and no I won’t discuss that. But, I can mention that Luke Skywalker, Jedi Bendu, has a new Padawan Learner, Anakin Starkiller. Darth Vader is en route to the good guys in a large vessel, and his intentions are not kind. War is looming and the droids you were looking for are about to make an appearance. The thing is, none of this is quite like you expect.

J. W. Rinzler’s script captures the dialogue and character that we have come to expect from all three Star Wars movies. There is that overdramatic awesomeness, exciting action, and comedic relief. Each element is well done and adds to the story without weighing everything down in minutia. This is a well told story, like all three Star Wars movies before it.

As good as the script is, Mike Mayhew’s art and Rain Beredo’s colors elevate it beyond a cool premise. They manage to capture the look and feel of Star Wars while incorporating many elements from the serials that inspired Lucas in the first place. The character designs are not simple tweaks on the original depictions—with the exception of those droids. They look exactly like I expect the characters would in this new version of our beloved world. Except cooler.

With war approaching, the Empire threatens all peace-loving people in the galaxy. Our only hope is the rag-tag group of rebels that are just starting to group up. I only hope they are not too late. You can help by reading this awesome comic book.

Four and a Half Shaved Nerf-Herders out of Five

Ben Rhodes, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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