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‘Mind MGMT #15:’ Comic Book Review (Lyme’s Disease)

The latest issue of Mind MGMT delves deep into the tormented mind of Henry Lyme. Many of the highlights from the first six issues are revisited from Lyme’s point of view. This offers some interesting character insight, as well as some cool revelations.

The pacing and structure of this issue are fast paced and skip lightly over Lyme’s past. The result is a comic that feels much like the outline of a life. We hit many of the bullet points that define the arc of the first six issues. I don’t care for clip shows (Thanks, Seinfeld.), so I want to make it perfectly clear that this issue doesn’t do that. This is more like a revelatory flashback, with the main focus on character.

Learning more about Lyme and his (horribly broken and selfish) motivations help humanize the character without undermining the neat balancing act he pulls off. He is still a sympathetic character, and he is still a monster. What I like about Mind MGMT is the fact that all of the characters are flawed and broken. This issue focuses on the most flawed and broken of the bunch so far.

I feel like I should mention the art, which has always been a highlight of the series. There is a section which shows a certain event happening 7 times. The easy thing to do is just show the series. The simple “artistic” choice would be to have the panels match to show how similar the different times were, and that happens here. What sets this above is the fact that we see the toll that this has on Lyme and watch him become haggard and tired. Additionally, the extra text on the side of the page fits the story so perfectly in this cycle.

Ultimately, this issue does as much to convince me that Matt Kindt is not succeeding by mere chance. The fact is that he is able to make what could have been a clip show into a compelling and unmissable chapter in an incredible series. And, keep your eye out for a huge reveal in the last two pages. This is still the best month-to-month I have ever seen.

Five Clip Show Finales Unnecessary Seinfeld Jokes out of Five


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