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Part-Time Gamer: ‘Ridiculous Fishing’

Ridiculous Fishing is a simple game about a man named Billy who likes to fish. Now, Billy is not content to fish like the rest of us. No waiting around for hours with nothing to show for it other than cold and sore fingers, a bad sunburn, and two fish that will burn more calories to clean than they could possibly provide. God, why couldn’t we go on a real vacation? Billy casts a line and then proceeds to dodge every fish he can as the lure descends, because the second it hits a fish, it starts right back up. Then, Billy tries to hit all the fish, so he can catch them all. Finally, when he gets to the surface with the dozens of fish on the line, he flings the whole lot of them into the sky and shoots them. With a gun.

For reals.

This is exactly what the iPad is for. Forget browsing the web and pretending to be productive. The ability to play this specific game is the best thing that Apple has ever done. Wild and irresponsible hyperbole aside, Ridiculous Fishing is an incredible fit for the iPad and has done more to justify my purchase than the weekend I spent sick in bed watching absolutely everything on Netflix. It is also a wonderful game to fit into your busy schedule.

A good and super productive round of Ridiculous Fishing lasts for maybe two minutes. You just tap the screen to start, tilt to avoid fish, tilt to catch fish, and then tap to shoot them out of the freaking sky. It couldn’t be any easier to get in a few rounds wherever you might find the time to play games on your iPad.

One of the most refreshing parts of the game is that it is not free-to-play. I personally like free things, but there is something nice about a game that costs three dollars being content to get your three dollars. There is nothing else for sale in the game at all. No instant upgrades for two bucks, nothing that will only allow you to take another turn if you pay four dollars, nothing to come between you and the spectacular gameplay.

All in all, Ridiculous Fishing is a brilliant game that has been a joy to find time for. I catch myself giggling every once in a while. More importantly, the game is fun. Not in a “this premise is fun and the gameplay is all right” kind of way either. This is a great game, and you should definitely get it if you have an iDevice.

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