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‘Think Tank #9:’ Advance Comic Book Review (Force = Mass x Awesome)

I really like Think Tank. It is doing a kind of sci-fi that doesn’t get much love, and it is doing it very well. The science here is the bleeding edge of today and the tech of tomorrow, with a strong focus on the importance of responsibility with new inventions. This is not the anti-science writing that Michael Crichton put out.* Writer and creator Matt Hawkins clearly loves and respects science. I have enjoyed every issue of this comic so far. I love seeing David Loren’s attempts to get away from the military lab where he is effectively a prisoner.

The first two trades have a balance of real stakes and fun rebellion wrapped in a candy-coated, science-y shell. So, how is the latest issue? Better than ever.

The antagonists and global threats have all stuck around, but the danger seems more tangible now. Perhaps that is because Dr. Loren is no longer trapped in the lab. Now, he is trapped in a Blackhawk en route to actual hostile territory with a SEAL team. There is a lot of screaming and terror.

The art is as good as ever, which is to say, spectacular. Rahsan Ekedal’s line work is beautifully textured and heightens the comedy and tension throughout. There are some moments here that manage to be wonderfully comical for the moment before you realize that it is tragical. That is real talent.

This is a great comic for someone who is tired of superhero stuff but still craves the action and adventure. It is also a fantastic science fiction comic that anyone who loves the genre should check out.

Five Physics Jokes out of Five

*(Seriously, though. Go back and read Crichton. The man could write, but the subtext of all of his books was that science and technology were always bad, except for House of the Rising Sun, which was all about how terrible the Japanese are.)

Ben Rhodes, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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