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‘Bigfoot: Sword of the Earthman, #4’ – Advance Comic Book Review (Barbarian Awesomeness on Mars)

If you haven’t been reading Bigfoot: Sword of the Earthman, you are missing out. The comic follows Bigfoot as he becomes a savior and conqueror on Mars. The story borrows liberally from Tarzan and Conan, with a bit of John Carter and a ton of epicness. Bigfoot has been brought across the void of space and, in this issue, we finally learn why.

I have been impressed every issue by the ludicrously awesome (in the sense that it inspires awe) world that these guys have created. Josh Henaman’s script in this latest issue is as strong as it has ever been. The tremendous blend of comedy and adventure manages to both fit into and mock the genre. Andy Taylor’s line work is better than ever. His style has been evolving as the series progresses, and the latest is a sight to see. The detail is spectacular and the creativity is off the charts. Thomas Bonvillain’s colors are spectacular. They give a sense of depth and reality to the strange characters, creatures, and world of this comic. He also has the coolest name I have ever seen.

See, what Henaman, Taylor, and Bonvillain have done is make this crazy world make just enough sense to not be overwhelming. Don’t get me wrong. This version of Mars is as bizarre as the old adventure stories that inspired it. It also uses archetypes to effectively shortcut the exposition part of the story. The big guy with the red skin and spikes mohawking out of his head? He’s bad. The girl with tattoos on her face and no eyes? She’s a good mystic. This is smart storytelling, and indicative of what makes this comic so good. This is a comic that remembers that these things are supposed to be fun.

Everything about Bigfoot: SOTE is designed to maximize the fun you have. Everything. From the incredible art to the fantastic (rooted in fantasy) plot, every single part of this comic is building to a spectacular (as in full of spectacle and also terrific) whole. Tragically, I am running out of ways to say that this comic is fun. Let’s just say that I have been thrilled every single time that I get my hands on an issue, and every time my expectations have been blown away.

You should be reading this comic. Like right now, you should be reading it. The back issues are available online and at many awesome comic shops. So, go and pick them up.

Four and a Half Cryptozoological Warriors out of Five

Ben Rhodes, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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