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‘Dragonwriter: A Tribute to Anne McCaffrey and Pern:’ Book Review

Dragonwriter is a lovely tribute to beloved science fiction author Anne McCaffrey. The book, curated by her son Todd, is a collection of essays from people involved in all parts of her life. These essays are by friends, her children, fans, and contemporaries. They celebrate an interesting woman who has written many fantastic novels and, more importantly, fostered many relationships.

I have never read any of Anne McCaffrey’s books. Like any young fan of sci-fi and fantasy, I have heard of them, but I haven’t ever picked one up. Having read this collection of sweet and thoughtful essays, I think I have been missing out. But, if there is one thing that this tribute made clear, it is that Anne McCaffrey built an incredible life in addition to the beloved science fiction worlds that she created.

This collection spends far more time addressing the woman than it does the author. I personally liked this choice. I think that it might have been more daunting or less interesting to a McCaffrey neophyte, like me. Instead, by focusing on what McCaffrey meant to those who knew her, we can see more of who she was. It certainly helps that, by all accounts, she was exceptional.

I should also mention that the essays here are compelling to someone who has never read Anne McCaffrey’s books, so I can only imagine the warm and fuzzies that would overpower a lifelong fan.

I think that this is a fantastic tribute to a woman who clearly impacted many, many people throughout her life. I thought the stories here did a marvelous job of revealing the complex and entertaining woman behind many of the most celebrated sci-fi novels in the last century.  I, for one, am now a fan.

Now if you will excuse me, I have some classics to finally read.

Four Thoroughly Warmed Hearts out of Five

Ben Rhodes, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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