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‘Clone, Volume 1:’ Advance TPB Review (You Can’t Choose Your Family)

Clone V1


Clone V1Dr. Luke Taylor’s life was going great; he was a successful scientist with a beautiful wife and a baby daughter on the way. Then, he finds a gut-shot man who looks exactly like him in the kitchen. Suddenly, Luke is caught in a massive conspiracy involving dozens of clones and a mysterious figure out to kill them all. With no idea who is the original, or even if there is an original, the clones set out to face the malevolent organization that is intent on destroying all evidence of the cloning program.

David Schulner’s writing in this comic does a great job of juggling the two main stories. The action moves back and forth between the clone brigade and a House of Cardsian political thriller. The writing is solid and moves the stories along at a brisk pace.

Also solid is the art. Juan Jose Ryp’s art and Felix Serrano’s colors capture the realistic setting and fantastic plot equally well. The result is a comic that feels grounded and still has a great deal of fiction mixed in with the science.

I enjoyed this comic a bunch, but there were a few small nagging details. There is a woman named Jennifer, whose connection to the clones is never explained, who manages to be the only character in the entire story that dresses like a Marvel or DC vigilante, while everyone else is dressed like a person in the world. There is also less character development than I would have liked. It wasn’t absent, by any means, but the good guys were mostly good because they were good, and the bad guys were mostly remorseless monsters who were pursuing obviously evil plans. This doesn’t make the comic bad, but it kept it from being exceptional.

Overall, though, I enjoyed this one, and if you are a sci-fi fan who is looking for a new thriller, I think you will like it, too. This is a cool story that is told well and manages to make a senate vote dramatic and exciting.

Three Vengeful Doppelgangers out of Five



Ben Rhodes, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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