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‘Mind MGMT #11:’ Advance Comic Book Review (The Killer Finger from Shangri-La)

Mind MGMT 11


Mind MGMT 11How bad is it when the most powerful psychic in the world and the man who can flawlessly predict the future are in over their heads? It’s the best comic book on the shelves this month.

Holy Moly! This comic is exceptional. This is the penultimate issue in the second arc of the best comic being made right now, and the stakes are through the roof. Harry Lyme and company are about to follow the secret map to the most perfectly hidden place in the world. Before the trip though, we get to peek into the history of Duncan.

Matt Kindt’s art in this issue is as good and inventive as anything he’s done on this series, which is to say that it is some of the best comic art I have ever seen. The loose inks and watercolors set this apart from anything else that I have seen. The story is a brilliant, slow build that brings the tension up to here. The thing that is so extraordinary is that the art and the story, which are wonderful on their own, elevate each other to a level that is stunning to behold.

There is a real sense of inevitability to the story that just keeps pulling you to the end. It seems like everything has been building to the last panel of this issue, and the surprise feels as unavoidable as it is unexpected. (Note to M. Night Shyamalan: this is how you do it.) The secret to the shock ending is that it isn’t what the comic is about. It is just unexpected. And also satisfying.

This comic is great. That’s really all I have to say. Go and check it out.

Five Unarmed and Extremely Dangerous Assassins out of Five



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