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‘Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time #4’ (Tourist Trapped) – Comic Book Review

Doctor Who POT 4


Doctor Who POT 4Issue number four of Prisoners of Time features the fourth Doctor and his companions Leela and K-9 as they find themselves caught in the middle of a police action on the planet Agratis. The police in question are the comically, frighteningly overzealous Judoon (the rhino-headed guys), and they will tear the world apart looking for the stolen Jewel of Fawton. This Jewel is the chief driver of tourism for this (otherwise) poor planet. Also skulking in the background is the mysterious figure that has been kidnapping the Doctor’s companions.

I’m going to let you in on a secret. The kidnapper is not the story. The kidnapper is a framing device that is an excuse to tell a bunch of Doctor Who stories that span the history of the series. So, if you haven’t read any of the other Prisoners of Time stories, this is a fine place to come in. There’s a dude that is kidnapping the companions. Now, you’re caught up.

The story here is great and silly and meaningful. The citizens of Agratis depend entirely on the tourist trade that is generated by the missing Jewel, so the stakes are high. Things are not quite what they appear to be as the Doctor and his companions dig further into the mystery. As an episode of Doctor Who, this one would be a good one. The plot is tightly constructed with a nice blend of humor, adventure, and scarves. The characters are as complex as you would expect from a good Doctor Who story, with strong motivations and quirks. The result is a strong episode issue with a few tantalizing hints about our mysterious kidnapper. If you are looking for a fun series and are even a little bit of a Whovian, this is an easy recommendation.

Four and a Half Yards of Scarf out of Five



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