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‘Todd, The Ugliest Kid on Earth #4:’ Advance Comic Book Review (Prison Justice and a Little of the Other Kind)

Todd 4


Todd 4And so, dear readers, our time with Todd comes to a close. This comic has been one of the biggest (and oddest) surprises for me this year. For those of you who haven’t been following this series, go and get the first three issues. They are terrific satire, and you will thank me. For those of you who have read them, let’s talk finales.

Todd deals with a snitch. Todd’s mother has a plan. Todd’s father thinks he has a plan. The maniac killer meets a Nazi prison gang. These are the things that happen in the last issue of T,TUKoE. Life continues to be exciting as this series concludes the only way that it could. After being falsely accused of a crime he didn’t commit, our unreasonably optimistic and innocent protagonist finds himself caught between the vengeful maniac killer and that Nazi gang.

The art in this series continues to impress. I am a huge fan of MK Perker’s style, which is a little bit caricature and a little bit perfectly realistic. (For extra credit, check out his earlier series, Air.) Every single character in this comic looks exactly like their worst characteristics. The result is a comic that doesn’t look quite like anything else I have read. I cannot stress enough how thoughtful and inventive the art in this book is.

And, that story. Man, is the story great in this issue. Somehow, this comic manages to avoid any of that messy character growth and development, while neatly wrapping the plot with no loose ends. This is exactly what you expect from the best satire that money can buy. Everything in this comic is working overtime to deliver the highest quality black comedy available today.

I have enjoyed my time in the dark, depressing, and hilarious world of Todd, The Ugliest Kid on Earth, and I think you will, too. I am just saddened that this will be the last issue of this marvelous series, until September, when this miniseries becomes a real boy an ongoing series. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen and ugly fellows with bags on your heads, Todd is coming back and all you have to do is wait five months. I know I will be back for more.

Five Disturbing Cake and Frosting Parties out of Five.



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