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‘Mind MGMT #8 (No, Not the Band):’ Advance Comic Book Review


Mind MGMT 8Right now, Mind MGMT is my favorite comic book. I have, with almost no warning, been sucked into the intrigue and mystery. For those of you who haven’t been following this comic, here is some light backstory. A young writer named Meru is dragged into a psychic conspiracy involving agents from the dismantled government agency, Mind Management. Her guide to this shadow war is a former agent with “flexible” morality named Harry Lyme. Backstory covered, let’s discuss the comic. It is fantastic.

The writing is flawless. The pacing, characters, and story are masterfully done. Kindt’s inventive psychic powers prove that there are still interesting superpowers left to be invented. I don’t want to spoil the surprises, but there are some characters in this comic book that have truly remarkable and new psychic abilities. The pacing is still a thing of beauty. Each scene seems to take just as long as it needs to tell the story and maintain the mood.

Kindt’s art has a light and friendly look that is in complete opposition to the dark and sinister atmosphere of the comic. The inconsistency between art and tone is vital to the comic. The fact that these incredibly sinister things are happening in the bright light of day and nobody notices is even more upsetting than it would be if the comic book took place in the shadows.

Here is my one sentence review of this comic. I started rereading it to check something and made it halfway through before I remembered that I wasn’t rereading it for fun. Actually, the real point is that I couldn’t make it through that last sentence without finishing it.

This is a wonderful comic book that you should be reading. The story is unlike anything I have read, and the art is incredible. Seriously, this is the easiest recommendation I have made all month.

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