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‘Bigfoot: Sword of the Earthman #2’ – Comic Book Review (Loch Ness. Schmock Ness.)


Bigfoot 2Bigfoot: Sword of the Earthman is a big, weird comic book that defies description. The basic plot is pretty straightforward. Bigfoot is a prisoner on Mars, and his buddy has a vague lead on a legendary gem. Bigfoot doesn’t speak and the buddy doesn’t stop speaking. Also, there are giant moth-vampires. And, a big flame that the moth-vampires are drawn to. So, yes, this is an odd comic book.

But, holy cow is it fun. I am slightly partial to goofy, fun things, and this comic is exactly what the doctor ordered. (Fun fact: I was going to link to some of my favorite weird things I’ve reviewed for FBC, but there were too many to be practical. Says the guy at the end of a three-line parenthetical aside) (ed. What is wrong with you?) The tone in Josh Henaman’s script whips back and forth between camp and deadly serious fantasy action. The result is a comic that does precisely what it is trying to do. And, the most important thing to the creators is obviously to make sure the reader is always enjoying the book.

I am in love with Andy Taylor’s art and Thomas Bonvillain’s colors and name. These guys perfectly captured the feeling of watching a cryptozoological specimen fighting giant moth-vampires on the surface of a bizarre and familiar Mars. This is a Frank Frazetta painting with Alfred E. Neuman poking out of the background.

This is easily one of the weirder comic books that I have gotten to read recently. This is precisely the reason that I love indie comics. Nobody is doing anything like this, and there isn’t any higher praise that I can heap on a comic book than that. This comic is fun.  You can find more information regarding Bigfoot: Sword of the Earthman online at

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