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‘Star Trek #17:’ Advance Comic Book Review (A Bare Bones Origin)


Star Trek 17For those of you who haven’t been reading the ongoing Star Trek series from IDW, the premise is simple.  Take episodes from the original series and retell them in the alternate timeline of the 2009 movie. These are great, and you should be reading them. Recently, the comics have been delving into the backstory of the characters. The latest issue shows us why everyone’s favorite medical officer enlisted.

The script, by Mike Johnson and F. Leonard Johnson, M.D., is pretty great. The story balances humor and emotion, while telling an interesting story. I was particularly impressed with the deft handling of some potentially cheesy material. Without spoiling anything, it turns out that some of McCoy’s strongest motivation comes from tragedy. I had a stronger emotional response to this comic than anything I’ve read recently.

The art by Claudia Balboni, with inks by Erica Durante and colors by Claudia SGC, is perfect. I will argue that art in a licensed comic book is more difficult than original work. (I also have no experience with art, so I could be completely wrong.) My point is that it is almost always easier to mess up the art when it has to look like a person we have seen in real life. I can report that this comic does a masterful job of recreating the characters from the movie, while maintaining its own style.

In short, this comic book does everything right. It tells the story it’s meant to, succinctly and effectively. The art fits the broader vision of the movies without imitating it. The comic just works. If you want to explore the backstory of Bones, or just are looking to jump into an ongoing series, this book is an easy recommendation.

Four and a Half Amusing Side-effects to Various Space Injections out of Five.



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