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‘Mars Attacks Zombies vs. Robots:’ Advance Comic Book Review (Stargate Armageddon)


Mars Attacks Zombies RobotsThis is nearly everything that I want in a one-shot. It is funny. It doesn’t connect to any mythology that I need to know. There are also robots, zombies, aliens, and puns. There is also a8tge34piahqetaeth

Sorry, but something just bit me.

Chris Ryall’s story follows an invasion force of Mars Attacks-brand martians as they travel through a stargate that was constructed by the miserable humans. Things go pretty much downhill, as you could tell from the title of the comic. Things are perhaps worse for our intrepid invaders due to the prominence of their enormous brains. Mmm, brains . . .

Where was I? Right. The art.

Let’s talk about art, baby. The art by Andy Kuhn and brilliantly colored by John Rauch is perfect. The style reminds me of Golden Age pulp comics, which is exactly the right choice here. The menace of the martians and zombies is palpable. You can also palp the lighthearted tone as several zombie clichés are set up and then ignored.

If you are looking for an entertaining comic that loves its roots and also has zombies fighting robots fighting aliens, this is an easy recommendation. It is funny and succeeds at everything it is trying to do.

Four and a Half Juicy Delicious Brains out of Brains.



Ben Rhodes, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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