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‘Doctor Who #4:’ Advance Comic Book Review


Doctor Who 4In Issue #4 of the Doctor Who comic, Rory and the Doctor are unable to get back to Amy, who is stuck in 1814 in London. Rory and the Doctor find themselves a few years early (or possibly later) during the War of 1812, a century and a half late and on the Moon, and about 115 years late in New York City. Amy, however, is left to deal with one of the most odd (Doctor-Donna-Friend) tragedies in London’s history: the London Beer Flood.

The plot is fun and silly with just the right amount of tension. This comic also incorporates one of my favorite traits of the Doctor. He is an incredibly powerful, charismatic, and resourceful character, but he is often a bumbling nincompoop. This, coupled with his ridiculously short attention span, contributes to the oddness (Doctor-Donna-Friend?) of the trip back to Amy. Amy’s plotline is silly because of the nature of the catastrophe. Beer is funny.

There are a few surprises and several moments that are as funny and cool as the best of Doctor Who. I don’t want to give anything away, but the Doctor and Rory go on the best camping trip ever. While this is going on, Amy is wrestling with some of the moral implications of time-travel. She also has a brief encounter with an old foe. DUHN DUHN DAHH!

In all, this is a fun comic, and while it doesn’t rank up there with the best episodes, it is a welcome addition to the series. This one is an easy recommendation for any fan of Doctor Who.

Four and a Half Beer Tsunamis out of Five.



Ben Rhodes, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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