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‘Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake #1’ – Comic Book Review


Adventure Time Fiona 1As I have said many times before, the Adventure Time comics are really good, so it should not be surprising that Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake is also great. This comic takes place in the gender-swapped alternate universe. Finn is now Fionna, Jake the dog is now Cake the cat, Marceline is now Marshall Lee, Princess Bubblegum is now Prince Gumball, and the Ice King is the Ice Queen. Pretty straightforward. Like a lot of alternate universe stories, half the fun comes from comparing this version to the one you are accustomed to. Fortunately for this comic, the other half is a fun and very funny story, so you don’t miss out if you aren’t familiar with all the intricacies of Adventure Time.

The story here is pretty straightforward. Fionna and Cake are getting ready for bed when the Ice Queen attacks. The fun here is in the tremendous silliness that pervades the comic. The highlight for me was the extensive sword collection. This is a standard issue one with more setup than action, but Adventure Time has always been good at making every aspect of the story funny and entertaining.

Like the other AT comics, this one has a fun, little backup story at the end. This story is called “The Sweater Bandit,” and that might be my favorite title of a comic story so far. Basically, the characters are faced with a dire threat. As the weather starts to get cold, all the sweaters in the land are missing. Seriously, it’s too cold for long sleeves and too warm for a coat. What is a young lady who loves adventure to do? As an added bonus, the art in the backup is just perfect.

I still really dig the art in these comics. It captures the look of the show without seeming beholden to it. The characters are neat and multi-layered. The jokes work for adults and would be perfect for kids. This is a fun, little comic that suggests an interesting arc. In short, this is an extremely good all-ages comic that I can easily recommend. I will be excited to check in on the rest of this series.

Five Totally Fashion-Forward Sweaters out of Five.



Ben Rhodes, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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