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‘Think Tank:’ Trade Paperback Review


Think Tank TPBLife is hard for David Loren. He is a twenty-four-year-old genius working for the US military helping to develop their latest toys, but he has a problem: he has decided that he doesn’t want to kill anyone. So, what is life like for a super genius weapon designer who lives on a military base and doesn’t want to? Hard. Especially when he decides to escape.
In order to avoid revealing any spoilers, even though I want to describe everything about this book, I have fashioned a device to deliver a mild shock if I stray too close to spoilers. I didn’t need that iPad, and my dog already knows where the invisible fence is. Actually, that reminds me of the time that David ;GWRTEA;TSGH SON OF A MOTHER!!!

So, without drifting into spoiler territory (ed. heh heh), let’s talk about the story. It’s great. The story does a great job of slowly raising the stakes without losing track of who these characters are. This is especially impressive with the antagonists, who get increasingly frustrated with their wunderkind without drifting into villain status. This is always a tough job. The other thing that impressed me was how well the book captured the frustration that goes hand in hand with being twenty-four.

The science in this book is fascinating. There are several advanced technologies depicted in the comic that are mind-blowing and currently in development. My favorite was the KJGHDFRHTNPhlaagin. And, I can’t mention any of them. Let’s just say that I have a soft spot in my heart for science fiction that uses hard science.

At its heart, Think Tank is a fun, caper-y story about someone who has been exploited and decides that enough is enough. The tone is light, because you always feel that David is at least one step ahead. I thought that the science was solid, the story was great, and the characters were robust and interesting. This one is absolutely worth a look. The comic book is great, but I would still recommend it if only to support good sci-fi.




Ben Rhodes, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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