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‘Let’s Play God #1:’ Advance Comic Book Review


LetsPlayGod 01-CvrAThe first issue of a new comic is always fun for me. There is that feeling that the story could go in any number of directions. I love that.

Let’s Play God looks like it is going to be a slasher comic that follows Mel, the guitarist in an all-girl punk band. We are quickly introduced to a creepy stalker, dysfunctional friendships, and a rather shocking murder. I don’t quite know what kind of comic this will ultimately be, but there are some things here that I like.

There is a fun, little twist about halfway through that I shall not spoil. I also liked the way the police were included. They do a nice job of not helping out, which seems vital in a horror story, without seeming clueless. The most important part of the horror story, the murderer, is a straight up creepshow. We don’t know the identity or motivations of the killer. So far, this is enough to keep me interested.

The characters are not quite defined, but also easy to relate to. This seems like the most effective way to get a plot-driven story going, but I would have liked to see more of the characters. Ultimately, this is something that bugged me without bothering me. This is sort of a “Wouldn’t it be nice if . . .” situation. Looking back, though, one of my favorite new properties that was released month to month had this same issue. Brian Wood’s The Massive was all plot and setting in the first issue. This paragraph looks like I was disappointed in the book, but really I just would have liked to see more. I liked the plot. I liked the pacing. I like the premise. I liked the book.

I just wish I loved it.

Three and a Half Punk Rock Murder Mysteries out of Five.



Ben Rhodes, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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