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‘Adventure Time #9:’ Advance Comic Book Review


Adventure Time 9I have repeatedly praised the Adventure Time comics for their weirdness and fun. I have recently gotten the opportunity to read Adventure Time #9, and it is incredible. The weirdness and fun are most definitely here.
This issue begins with Jake the Dog and Finn the Human (Sorry, but the credits are so catchy, I have to say it like that.) appearing in a time machine; however, this is not the regular version, but the dark future version of Jake and Finn. Think Days of Future Past with a sense of humor. Both are older and musclier, and Finn has an awesome robot arm. The plot can be summed up thusly: Finn and Jake are trying to fix the past, but they both kind of stink at time travel.

Honestly, the plot doesn’t matter. This is the last issue of a series, and I haven’t read any of the others. I loved it and was easily able to follow the plot of this children’s comic. (Shut up.) So, if the plot doesn’t matter, why read this incredibly fun comic? I guess I answered my question before I got finished asking it, but you should seriously check this one out. This book celebrates fun for its own sake. As an added bonus, the extra comic included in this issue is the hilariously Kafkaesque story of our heroes fishing.

Four and a Half Totally Rad Future Robot Arms out of Five.



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