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‘Axe Cop: President of the World #2’ – Advance Comic Book Review


Axe Cop Pres 2For those of you not versed in cryptozoology, the creature on the cover of AC:PotW2 fighting Junior Cobbb might seem strange. This is a Chee-Rex, which is a cross between a cheetah and a T-Rex. This is one of the first in a series of bad guys that Axe Cop, Goo Cop, and Junior Cobbb need to fight in this book. I will leave the surprises intact, but there are a ton of them and they are all awesome.

I won’t go into much of the way this awesomely crazed book is assembled here, but you should check out my review of the last issue. Instead, I will pretend that this is a comic that is created exclusively by adults.

I love the art here. This is sort of a classic comic style blended with a bit of the funny pages. The result is something that embraces the silliness of its premise but looks like a serious comic. This is, of course, until you read it and the lunacy bounds off the page. The art is symptomatic of the things that make Axe Cop great. Everything about it gives the impression that it is taking this seriously, but the central concept is goofy, as is everything else about this book.

The writing is hard to judge. On the one hand, if you buy into the idea of this book, it is sharp and hilarious. If, like the proverbial jerk that hates things, you can’t find the joy and humor in the premise, then it will seem nonsensical and poorly executed. Also, I pity you and your cold and empty life. The writing is so breakneck that in the 22 pages, there are something like eight or nine different plots that the bad guys dream up. This is, of course, depending on whether you count the giant evil robot Axe Cop waking up the evil alien that lives in the space needle as one or two villainous plots. I sort of lost count once or twice in the middle. The point is that there is so much going on in this book that it felt more like a trade than a single issue. The result is a book that never comes close to approaching getting stale. It is also a book that continues to impress.

Five Golden Moustaches out of Five.

That is a thing that really happens in this book.

Seriously, there is a golden moustache.



Ben Rhodes, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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