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Adventure Time Presents: Marceline and the Scream Queens #2 – Advance Comic Book Review


Adventure Time 2For those poor b—-rds who haven’t seen the Cartoon Network show Adventure Time, I am deeply, deeply sorry. If you want to go watch an episode or two, I can wait right here. If not, I should tell you that Adventure Time is one of the most oddly, randomly hilarious shows I have seen in a long time. The show, which you should be watching right now, follows the weird adventures (Ed. I get it.) of Jake the dog and Finn the human in the bizarre land of Ooo. This comic doesn’t.

Adventure Time Presents: Marceline and the Scream Queens #2 follows the vampire Marceline and her band as they get ready for a gig. Because this is a kid’s show, Marceline does not drink blood; she drinks the color red. I feel like I should give a brief summary, but the plot is beyond silly and never seems that important. The humor is why this works and I loved it. There are some jokes in this “kid’s” comic that are frighteningly clever. One character in the titular punk band exclaims that she has “the CBGBs” and another who is accidentally outed as a werewolf calls it his “very sexy curse.”

So, everything here does what a good all ages comic should. It is fun for the kids (I am assuming) and fun for the adults. There are maybe five 12-year-olds that would get the CBGB joke, and maybe a dozen who would recognize it as a joke at all.

The art in this book fits the show’s look perfectly. All of the characters are cute and cartoony, and everything looks like it’s straight out of Dr. Seuss’s version of Scott Pilgrim. In short, it is good.

Honestly, that could be my entire review right there. In short, it is good. I like this particular flavor of crazy, and I think it was very well executed.

Four and a half sexy curses out of five.


Ben Rhodes, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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