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‘Karma Police #1:’ Comic Book Review

As part of ComiXology’s Comics Experience, independent comic book creators everywhere are finding a new way to hone their artistic abilities and publish their creator-owned titles through both traditional platforms and digital distribution.  One such title is Karma Police which tells the tale of a Buddhist monk who is tasked with removing those from existence who are causing suffering to others.  Sounds pretty tranquil, right?  If you’re imagining a serene story of reincarnation and mindfulness complemented by a certain Radiohead soundtrack of the same titular name . . . you would be totally underestimating the incredible fun and excitement of this fantastic, creator-owned series!  Written by Chris Lewis (Drones), illustrated by Tony Gregori, colored by Jasen Smith, and lettered by Nic J. Shaw, Karma Police mixes the old-school revenge vibe of Master of the Flying Guillotine with the lighthearted, funny, and supernatural nature of The Real Ghostbusters.  

Karma Police follows Buddhist monk Jack Allen as she continues on the path set out for her by her previous incarnation, an old Tibetan monk who battled Luchador demons and other supernatural baddies who were up to no good.  As Jack seeks to bring peace and balance to the world (by way of her awesome butt-kicking skills against evil spirits that inhabit children and strippers alike), she discovers an enchanted dagger that raises questions about her previous self, as well as the war that lies ahead. 

Lewis brings a fast and fun pace to Karma Police that is peppered throughout with witty dialogue and quirky characters.  While the overall tone of the comic is comedic and the story is action-packed, there exists a weight to the world and its characters that makes them more engaging for the reader.  Jack is an endearing character that you root for while vicariously experiencing her off-the-wall adventures.  In addition, Gregori’s gorgeous artwork truly brings the characters to life; his style verges on cartoonish (which works well with the energetic nature of the story), but it possesses a grace and delicacy that elevates it far beyond most comics, allowing it to exist simply as fine art.  Aided by the superb color palette of Smith and the exemplary lettering of Shaw, the artwork becomes a winning collection that further enhances the reading experience. 

Overall, Karma Police is a fantastic series that is definitely worth a try!  The first three issues of the four-issue series are currently available exclusively through ComiXology.


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