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‘Pussycats #1-2:’ Comic Book Review

The comic book landscape – including both mainstream and indie-created titles – has become an incredibly diverse field of characters, storylines, themes, creators, and artwork.  Of course, the diversity of comics and the content within continues to have the capacity to further grow and expand; however, the most lasting message for this comic book fan is that there is now – more than ever before – something for everyone.  For that reason, it is always wonderful to see creators taking risks and telling the stories that are gnawing away from within, eagerly anticipating the moment when they can make their way onto the page and into a reader’s hands.

For the creators behind the indie comic book series, Pussycats (publishsed by e-Comix), there is no mistaking that writer Vince Brusio, artist Ivica Sretenovic, and cover artist Mats Engesten are engaged by and excited to tell action-packed stories that feature beautiful and very deadly women, especially women who are not afraid of embracing, owning, and using their sexuality to their benefit.  I will caution that the Pussycats series is very much for a mature audience, but readers who enjoy a heavy dose of sexuality, blood, and women kicking ass within political crossfire will easily find a home with the series.  Understandably, this series will not be for everyone, but, then again, not every project has to be; that is the benefit of an ever-expanding comic book industry.

Pussycats is a 4-issues series that follows adult film stars as they maneuver political warfare in the style of old-school revenge films. According to writer Brusio, “It’s revealed that the adult film industry helped to fight the Cold War. Years of underground espionage bubble to the surface when one woman steps into the middle of territorial pissings, and the repercussions of her curiosity reveal a world where life has no value, and people become uniformed personalities to hide their true identities.”

If you can imagine the Girls of Sin City‘s Old Town transitioning to a real-world revenge tale with the same political underpinnings and intrigue, you will have a perfect vision of the look and feel of e-Comix’s Pussycats series. 

The cover art by Engesten is eye catching with vibrant color that makes the illustrations pop, which is a great contrast to the black-and-white interior artwork by Sretenovic that unravels the down-and-dirty action of Pussycats‘ femme fatales. 

Issues #0-2 of Pussycats have already been released with phenomenal sales, and Issue #3 will be due in stores in late July.  The trade paperback collecting all four issues of the series is already in the works, and be sure to stay tuned for more details on how to pre-order. 

Fans of bullets, blood, and broads take note: Pussycats is the series for you!

Barbra Dillon, Fanbase Press Editor-in-Chief




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