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‘Boots & Pup Book 2: The Amulet of Sum-Tin’ – TPB Review

The signs of summer are upon us:  kids are wrapping up the school year; each day is sunny and warm; and the latest trade paperback of the all-ages web comic, Boots & Pup, has arrived!  That’s right, the adorably entertaining misadventures of two alien best friends and their cast of foolishly fun friends have returned in Boots & Pup Book 2: The Amulet of Sum-Tin, and this time around, we uncover secret identities, mysteriously powerful talismans, and the evil warlords and devilishly dastardly sharks who will stop at nothing to take over the galaxy!

In The Amulet of Sum-Tin, Boots and Pup reunite for a galaxy-hopping tale that combines hidden gems of hilarity for adult readers to enjoy with action-packed, silly goodness with which younger readers will easily connect and adore.  While Book 2 begins with Boots lamenting the hum-drum, daily grind of his job at Intergalactic Unlimited, his day becomes anything but tedious.  When his workplace comes under attack by a power-hungry alien warlord and his shark minions in search of an all-powerful amulet, Boots uncovers secrets hidden for decades by none other than his best friend Pup!  Madcap adventures ensue as the amulet passes hands between warlord Drek, Pup’s double-crossing pet worm (Leroy), and the space pirate-turned-office manager Sniffles!  In what can only be described as a hilariously fun Lord of the Rings adventure, the Amulet of Sum-Tin will rule them all, and everyone is on the hunt to lay claim to it!

Writer, artist, and series creator John Yuskaitis Jr. returns in The Amulet of Sum-Tin with the same incredible talent and energy that he possessed in the series’ first installment.  Yuskaitis truly has a hit on his hands with the Boots & Pup series, and I cannot reiterate enough that I hope to see these lovable characters transition to other mediums, whether it be in animation, video games, or beyond.  Hats off to this amazingly talented creator who has brought such a lively world (and cast of characters) to life for readers of all ages to enjoy!

For readers attending San Diego Comic-Con this year, it’s important to note that Boots & Pup will offer an SDCC exclusive in the form of a collected version of Books 1 and 2! Be sure to stop by Small Press Table Q-14 to meet Yuskaitis and pick up your very own Boots & Pup adventures.

Boots & Pup Book 2: The Amulet of Sum-Tin is currently available in print through Amazon.  I enthusiastically recommend picking up your copy of this supremely fun second installment, and I look forward to the future adventures of Boots, Pup, and friends!


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